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Grasevina top level 0,75 l - Belje

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When the wealth of nature is combined with the mastership of wine making, the result is Belje Riesling/Grasevina. It is greenish to yellowish in color, full of fruity flavor and freshness.
In some rare vintages, on carefully chosen spots on Banova kosa, the Riesling/Grasevina grapes grant superior wine and wines with the predicates of late harvest or even ice wine. The excellent quality of Riesling/Grasevina ice-wine is proven by numerous major awards and prizes (Monde selection SPRL Brussels 2006 – silver medal, Vinitaly Verona 2006 – grand prix). This is a off dry wine with a nicely rounded bouquet, yellow-green to golden green complexion, a harmonious wine rich with essence and refined flavor which finishes with a characteristic and pleasant touch of bitterness.

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