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Inflatable Kiwi slice mat 175x84 cm

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The main ingredient of this tea blend is  buckthorn bark (Frangulae cortex). The Greek word for buckthorn was ramnos which corresponds to Latin rhamnus, meaning a thorn, a thorny bush.

Herbal Laxative is a blend of medicinal herbs that have laxative action. The action of senna leaves (Sennae folium) and buckthorn bark as strong laxatives is supplemented with the action of elder flower (Sambuci flos) which gives a mildly sweetish flavour to the beverage. The flavour is also improved by the fruit of fennel (Foeniculi fructus) which relaxes intestinal muscles and prevents and soothes possible spasms.

If it is used for a prolonged time occasional pauses should be made to avoid the overirritation of the intestinal mucous membrane.

Pregnant and nursing women and children should not take this tea because of possible spasms.

To prepare the tea pour 2 dl of boiling water over one teaspoon of the tea blend, leave for half an hour in a covered pot, stir occasionally, strain and sweeten as required. The tea is taken warm in the evening before going to bed and it will take effect the following morning. The tea taken on an empty stomach in the morning will take effect after 6 to 8 hours.